Top Gardening Communities, chat rooms, and Forums

Check out these amazing online groups if you’re looking for expert guidance or want to talk with other greenies. Check out these amazing online groups if you’re looking for expert guidance or want to talk with other greenies.

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It’s wonderful to know there are places to go to ask questions or share your experiences, whether you’re a master gardener or a backyard experimenter. There are numerous websites on the internet where you can do just that.

Every day, new users worldwide join these discussion forums, which are full of friendly and expert advice for the everyday gardener. They provide advice, anecdotes, seed exchanges, ideas, and resources, among other things. Most importantly, they share your enthusiasm for all things environmentally friendly. Here are top gardening help forum you should consider:

  1. Country Garden of Moosey

It is one of my favorite places. They want you to keep them updated on your garden’s progress. There’s a rose area, an organic gardening section, and my personal favorite, the unexplained flowered things section, in addition to the general garden conversation. Moosey’s welcomes photography and even offers advice on dealing with dogs and cats in the garden. Sign the guestbook and meet these nice people.

  1. Gardening Instructions

It is a more academic setting, yet it is still quite friendly. It’s a really specific site with a wide range of categories. Organic gardening, vegetable, herb, bonsai, cactus, woody plants, containers, and fruit are some options. They also have subcategories for tomatoes, hydrangeas, and lilacs, as well as a forum dedicated to the wildlife garden, which considers nature’s animals. There’s a lot of information here.

  1. Dave’s Garden

This website advertises itself as a resource for gardening questions.  Many different categories are linked from the home page, and almost every flower is listed in alphabetical order. Not only that but there’s more. There are resources for worldwide gardening forums, beekeeping, houseplants, landscaping, farm living, and a wide range of other topics. Take a look at the garden-art forum.

  1. The Botanical Gardening forum at the University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia at Vancouver, Canada, hosts this webpage. People from all around the world discuss the gardening Help Forum with the help of academic researchers. There are sections on pest management, plant identification, soil types, fertilizers, and all-encompassing plants that are very intriguing. You have a reason try this.