Payback Loans – The contract Terms you should know

Bad credit emergency loans

The personal emergency loans agreement that the beneficiary has to sign is made up of two double-sided copies, one for the institution that provides the credit and the other for the customer. The contract must be completed in all its parts and signed by the applicant and the finance company. It must accurately report in writing all this information:

The name of the finance company or bank granting the loan

The applicant’s personal details

The applicant’s personal data (marital status, profession, income)

The amount requested and paid

The number of installments with the repayment due date

The annual rate applied (TAN) and the total percentage rate (APR).

Any guarantees required.

Method of transferring the contract to third parties

TheĀ Bad credit emergency loans rules envisaged in the event of withdrawal from the contract.

After signing the document, the customer will receive a letter confirming the loan agreement at his home address, i.e. the document that summarizes all the economic conditions contained in the agreement.

The customer has the right to withdraw within and no later than a certain period of time established by the signing of the contract, by sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, addressed to the bank. The contract will not be considered terminated before the return of what may have already been received by way of financing, expenses, and charges incurred by the finance company. It may also happen that the loan agreement is to be considered null, when at least one of these two conditions occur, or that the document is not completed in all its parts , or that it is not signed by both parties , the applicant and the finance company.